11-14 Mazda Mazda2 Smoked Taillight Kit

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Smoke out your taillights with our Smoked tinted covers - sold in sets. These are manufactured to fit your 2011, 2012, 2013 or 2014 Mazda Mazda2 Part Number: MA-MZ023T-

Product Overview

Headlight Armor Smoked Taillight kits are a much quicker and easier alternative to taking your taillights apart and painting the inside (risk of breakage and paint can be uneven and permanent), spray painting the outside with a product like VHT Nightshades (time consuming, easy to make a mess of, and permanent), or even painting with some 'stained glass' paint you might find at hobby store (also time consuming, easy to make a mess of, and permanent). They are also an option to the old fashioned clip-on / double sided tape-on hard plastic / acrylic versions that are easily stolen. They are also much cheaper than buying OE style smoked replacement housings or lenses. Headlight Armor Smoked Taillight film covers, which are precision manufactured, are made of tough impact resistant automotive grade high performance translucent material with an acrylic adhesive backing that you can apply to your lights. Do not confuse these with 'overlays', as most overlays are typically made from 2-3mil vinyl (thinner than copy paper) that is designed for the interior of flat illuminated signs and provide no real protection to your expensive lights. Some are even made from window tint. Window tint is not a good idea as it is designed for the inside of a gently curved piece of glass, not on the exterior of a taillight. Cheap sign vinyl is designed for FLAT applications - no taillights we know of are perfectly flat.... Headlight Armor is a tough film that also helps protect against everyday road hazards that can damage and destroy your vehicle's very expensive lights, such as shopping carriages, careless shoppers and the like. The material is removable but you can only apply it once after the adhesive has cured. All this while giving your vehicle a distinctive look! 

Check our extensive DIY Smoked Taillight install tutorials here to see how they are applied.  

Headlight Armor Smoked Taillight kits are available in three different tint levels. 
Check our extensive Smoked Taillight Install Gallery here for photos of our kits on a wide variety of vehicles.

Check our Smoked Taillight Night Testing Page HERE - for photos of the running / parking lights and brake lights lit up from 500 and 1000 feet!

HeadlightArmor Light Smoke Taillight film kits are designed for those of you who are interested in a subtle 'Factory Smoked Sport' look. Greatly tones down any bright work / chrome in today's taillights and gives the bright reds a deeper richer hue. Ideal for those looking for clean lightly smoked look, or those looking to kill the the overdone chrome look that are coming through from the factory on some new vehicles.

Porsche 911 996 Turbo Light Smoke Taillight Kit BMW E46 Coupe Light Smoke Taillight Kit

Headlight Armor Smoke film covers are designed to turn a bright red taillight a rich deep dark burgundy in the afternoon sun. In lower lighting conditions they look even darker. At night our smoke covers do not have such a large impact; the running lights, reflectors, and brake lights are all clearly visible! If you were following somebody with the covers installed in a group of 10 different cars at night you would probably be hard pressed to guess which vehicle had our smoked taillight kit installed.

Subaru Legacy Standard Smoke Taillight Kit Nissan Sentra SER Standard Smoke Taillight Kit

The Stealth Smoke versions of the covers are ~ 25-35% DARKER than our Smoke version and look very dark when installed - great for the blacked out look!

Dodge Charger Dark Stealth Smoke Taillight Kit Scion xB Dark Stealth Smoke Taillight Kit

Most Headlight Armor Smoked Taillights kits can be installed in 15-45 minutes per side with the included instructions, included application squeegee, along with a spray bottle, water, and a hair dryer (to warm the material if it is cool out) that you provide. Take a look at your taillights, the more steep angles and bulges they have the more patience, time, and force will be required to install these adhesive backed protective covers. Most Headlight Armor Smoked Taillight kits will require some minor trimming to fit with a very sharp razor knife like the knife we use here. This is done to facilitate the install and enhance the custom look. If you don't feel confident about applying the film on your own, you may want to seek out the assistance of a friend. Please Note: Check your local laws before installing on road going vehicles as they may or may not be legal on your primary lighting in your State.

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