05-14 Nissan Xterra Fog Light Protection Film

05-14 Nissan Xterra Fog Light Protection Kit
: $19.95

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Accessorize your Nissan Xterra while protecting your fog lights with our durable adhesive backed film covers. Designed to fit your 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 or 2014 Nissan Xterra

Part Number: MA-NS013F-

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Product Overview

HeadlightArmor fog light film covers, / protection kits are great accessories for your vehicle! They are precision cut with a computer and are made from a durable 15 mil high performance translucent film material with an adhesive backing, that you can apply to your lights. Do not confuse these with 'overlays' as most overlays are typically made from 2-3mil vinyls that are designed for signs and provide no real protection to your expensive lights. Our tough film helps protect against everyday road hazards that can damage and destroy your vehicle's very expensive lights, such as gravel, winter road salt/sand, bug stains, and road debris. They are like a set of second skins or gels for your fog lights. They have been used for many years to protect the headlights on racing cars in extreme conditions. The material is removable but you can only apply it once after the adhesive has set. They are applied in a manner similar to clear bras, tints, and vinyl stickers & graphics. A great option for those thinking about a traditional acrylic blackout, or trying to paint them with some sort of paint like VHT Nightshades or some stained glass paint that can chip and flake off.

Clear fog light savers / guards have been in use for many years to great effect, and now they are available in a range of colors too!

GT Yellow fog light covers, are a great way to provide better visibility in rain, snow and fog - All while protecting the expensive lamps from flying debris. They allow the fog light to emit a very strong traditional yellow fog beam that cuts down on the glare that white fog's may produce.

HID Blue fog light film kits are designed to shine through bright white. The HID Blue covers, give non-HID lamps the HID look while protecting your lenses! They add a very modern look to lamps. Think about the Ion Cool Blue lenses that aftermarket lighting companies like Hella and Piaa are currently offering.

Smoked fog light covers are available in three tint levels. Light Smoke allows ~50% light transmission. Smoke is as dark as ~30% window tint; and look pretty dark when you look at your lights. We also have an even darker Stealth Smoke version which allow ~20% light transmission and look very dark when installed - great for those wanting a black look, show cars, and track cars that are never run at night or for trying to hide cracked lenses.

Most kits have a designed in tolerance around the perimeter of the lens to facilitate a smooth installation and provide good long-term performance. Most kits can be installed in 5-10 minutes and are easier to install than our headlight kits as they are smaller and typically quite flat. If you don't feel confident about applying the film on your own, you may want to seek out the help of a friend that may have installed these before.

Please Note: New car manufacturers warn you about not replacing any of your bulbs with higher wattage versions, and so do we. Higher wattage bulbs may cause reflector / lens / housing failures even without these covers,. As using these covers, may decrease the lens ability to dissipate heat more applicable to fog lights than to headlights- we also recommend that you refrain from using higher wattage bulbs in conjunction with our high performance covers,. We also suggest turning you fog lights off while you vehicle is stationary stuck in stop and go traffic for example.

Please Note: Check your local laws before installing on road going vehicles as they may or may not be legal on your primary lighting in your state.

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