14-17 Volvo XC60 Headlight and Fog Light Protection Film

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Protect your headlights and fog lights with our adhesive backed lighting protection film. Made to order in the USA for your 2014, 2015, 2016 or 2017 Volvo XC60

Part Number: MA-VL020C-

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Headlight Armor Headlight Protection Film is designed to protect your vehicles' lights from impact damage and surface erosion that leads to hazing / clouding / fading and discoloration.

  • Impact resistant 15 mil thickness (2X typical PPF)
  • Available clear or tinted
  • User friendly acrylic adhesive
  • Typically installed in under 15 minutes per lens
  • Includes sections for both left and right lights
  • Includes application squeegee

Most applications have a designed in tolerance around the perimeter of thelens to facilitate a smooth installation and provide good long-term performance. If your lens has a steep contour your application may come with a relief cut or notch. This is done to improve the install and insure long term performance.

The more steep angles and bulges your lens has, the more patience and time will be required to install. All applications are removable but cannot be removed and reapplied once the adhesive has set.



  • Protect your headlights without changing the look of your vehicle

Unprotected Headlight:
Foggy Headlight

Protected Headlight:
Protected Headlight

HID Blue:

  • Gives non-HID lamps the HID look
  • Designed to mix with halogen light output and shine through bright white
  • If you already have HID's these will enhance the look even further

HID Blue - Day:
Click for HID Blue Headlight Protection Film Install Gallery

HID Blue - Night
HID Blue Headlight Protection Film Film - Low Breams

GT Yellow:

  • Give your vehicle that aggressive racing look during the day
  • Lights will shine a strong yellow at night
  • Better visibility in rain, snow and fog
  • Widly seen in sports car racing

GT Yellow - Day:
Click for GT Yellow Headlight Protection Film Install Gallery

GT Yellow - Night:
GT Yellow Headlight Protection Film Film - Low Beams

Light Smoke:

  • Tones down the chrome portions
  • Subtle factory smoked look
  • Impacts overall light output, but significantly less than the Smoke

Light Smoke - Day:
Click for Smoked Headlight Protection Install Gallery

Light Smoke - Night:
Light Smoke Headlight Protection Film Film - Low Beams


  • Give your vehicle a smooth mean look
  • Similar effect to night visibility as would having your entire windshield tinted

Smoke - Day:
Click for Smoked Headlight Protection Install Gallery

Smoke - Night:
Smoked Headlight Film - Low Beams

* Check your local laws before installing on road going vehicles as they may or may not be legal on your primary lighting in your state or country.

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