16-24 Chevrolet Camaro Smoked Side Reflectors Film

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Smoke your side markers with our adhesive backed smoked lighting protection film. Made to order in the USA for your 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 or 2024 Chevrolet Camaro

Part Number: MA-CV043S-

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Headlight Armor Marker Light / Signal Light / Reflector Protection Film is designed to protect your vehicles' lights from impact damage and surface erosion that leads tohazing / clouding / fading and discoloration.

  • Impact resistant 15 mil thickness (2X typical PPF)
  • Available tinted or clear
  • Quicker and easier than painting lens
  • User friendly acrylic adhesive
  • Typically installed in a few minutes per lens
  • Includes sections for both left and right lights
  • Larger applications include squeegee for application

Most applications have a designed in tolerance around the perimeter of thelens to facilitate a smooth installation and provide good long-term performance.The more dome your lens has, the more patience and time will be required to install. All applications are removable but cannot be removed and reapplied once the adhesive has set.


Stealth Smoke:

  • Darkest tint level available
  • Great for the blacked out look
  • Reflectors still reflect
  • About 30% darker than our Smoke version

Stealth Smoke Reflector Film:
Stealth Smoke Reflector Film

Stealth Smoke DRL Film:
Stealth Smoke DRL Film


  • Turn a bright red lamp a rich dark burgundy in the afternoon sun
  • Running lights, signals and reflectors are all clearly visible

Smoke Reflector Film:
Smoke Reflector Film

Smoke Reflector Film:
Smoke Reflector Film

Light Smoke:

  • Subtle factory smoked look
  • Greatly tones down any bright work / chrome areas

Light Smoke Signal Light Film:
Light Smoke Signal Light

Light Smoke DRL Film:
Light Smoke DRL


  • Protection without changing the look of your vehicle

Clear Signal Light Film:
Clear Signal Light Film

Clear Signal Light Filmt:
Clear Signal Light Film

HID Blue:

  • Clean blue look to the lenses (if lenses started off clear) during the day.
  • Output / reflection unchanged

HID Blue DRL Film:
HID Blue DRL Film

HID Blue Signal Light Film
HID Blue Signal Light Film

GT Yellow:

  • Gives a yellow look to the lenses (if lenses started off clear)

GT Yellow Signal Light Film:
GT Yellow Signal Light Film

GT Yellow Signal Light Film
GT Yellow Signal Light Film

* Check your local laws before installing on road going vehicles as they may or may not be legal on your primary lighting in your State.

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