Custom NASA Vinyl Racing Number Decals

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These NASA Approved Adhesive Backed Vinyl Numbers are made from premium 2 mil cast vinyl. Up to 10 yr durability for colors, 12 for black / white. Once Package and Color are selected, total price will be displayed. Sold in Sets. Sides / Front / Rear

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Product Overview

Headlight Armor is now offering custom made premium cast vinyl NASA racing vinyl numbers! All number and class decals are made to order and sold in pairs / sets (one for each side of the vehicle). They are available in a variety of sizes from 10 inch Numbers to 14 inch Numbers. 10 inch is Nasa's Minimum size. We suggest going with the largest size that will fit on your door for maximum visibility. Rules state the numbers should be a high contrast color, so Matte Black on a Black car is not going to be a good choice. These are adhesive backed, they can be removed without damage to the paint, but are only designed to be applied once. We use some of the best vinyl you will find, rated at up to 10 year durability for colors and 12 for black and white. Leave them on for seasons, or just your big weekend event, your choice.

Your Decals will come as a three layer decal spaced and ready to apply. Backing paper, vinyl number / numbers and class, and a layer of pre-mask tape. To apply clean surface thoroughly. Line up you lettering when you want it on the door, and use some painters tape (you provide) along the top edge of your decal. The decal will then hang in place. Lift bottom and slowly remove backing paper - exposing adhesive on your numbers. Hold away from the surface of your door and squeegee (with supplied squeegee) back and forth from the very top all the way to the bottom. Once fully applied, go over entire decal with firmer pressure on the squeegee. Wait a few minutes, then slowly peel back the pre-mask revealing your new vehicle numbers.

Removal down the road is straight forward. Just start at a corner and warm material with a hair dryer or heat gun, pick a corner up with your fingernail, and peel back.

To Order:

- Select your package (size / number / number and class)

- Select color and the site will then calculate the total price as it varies with size and combination.

- Enter you car number in the Car Number box provided (up to three digits)

- Enter your class letters in the Car Class box.

- Next select your font.

Current Approved Fonts:

Arena Black
Arial Black
Ergoe Black
Frankfurt Heavy
Giligan Extra Bold
Hammer Fat
Kabob Black
Universal Black


18.1.1 Car Numbers and Class Designation

The vehicle must exhibit its assigned car number and class designation on both sides, front, and rear of the car. The side numbers must be at least ten (10) inches tall with a one and a half (1.5) inch stroke and be of a contrasting color. The front and rear numbers, and class designations must be at least three (3) inches tall. Car numbers and class designations must be legible and readable at speed. Numbers should not be part of the vehicles graphics unless permitted by the Chief of Timing and Scoring.

NASA Performance Touring

8.1 Numbers and Class Designation

All NASA PT cars must display the cars number on both sides and the front and rear of the car. Numbers must be of a contrasting color to the car or otherwise clearly visible, at least 10-inches tall with a 1.5-inch stroke for the sides, and four inches tall for the front and rear. NASA PT cars must also display a class designation on both sides and the rear of the car in a four-inch height in contrasting color to the car. Class Designations shall be PT followed by the group number. For example, an A Group competitor would display PTA as a class designation.