Scion tc Smoked Trunk Mounted Third Brake Light Film DIY Install

Step 1:

Clean the lenses. Clean your hands. Make sure there are no residues from the cleaning process remaining on the lenses or your hands. Without removing the lens cover from the backing paper hold it up to the lens and make sure you have the correct one / orientation (i.e. Slightly ovoid lenses). If it is cool - below 65 degrees F gently warming the lens with a hair dryer will help things along. Wet down one lens with water - a clean spray bottle / plant mister works great.

step 1

Step 2:

Once the piece is aligned continue to pull more of the backing paper back while pressing the very top edge for the piece down into place. Verify alignment as you go. Do not worry so much about the bottom part of the kit as we address it in a later step.

step 2

Step 3:

Once you get almost to the end fully remove the backing paper and align the end and press into place. Handle the adhesive side as little as possible making sure your hands are clean and dry.

step 3

Step 4:

Now that the top edge is set you need to go back and press down the remained of the kit. Work from one side to the other and from the top edge you just sealed to the bottom. Use firm even pressure to avoid bubbles. If it is below 70 degree F out gentle warming with a hair dryer will help the process along. You may need to gently lift / pull / tug / align the bottom edge with your other hand as you go to avoid leaving trapped air bubbles.

step 4

Step 5:

Continue as above working slowly and evenly.

step 5

Step 6:

Continue the process from steps 4-5 over to the end of the kit in firm overlapping strokes with your fingers. If you have any areas that are misaligned or overhanging you can simply trim off the excess with a sharp razor knife. Go over the edges with a suede detail cloth / paper towel wrapped squeegee to make sure the edge is fully set. Gentle heat from a hair dryer on low can help things along if it is cool out.

step 6


Now you are done, stand back and enjoy! With our Smoked Third Brake Light kits you will be able to change to look of your vehicle while protecting your lights at the same tine. Photos are of our Standard Smoke (30%) version, we also have a Stealth Smoke (20%) version if you are looking for something darker and a lighter 50% version if you are looking for something lighter. You can remove these at some point in the future if you are so inclined - though they can only be used once.

step 7

step 8