Headlight Restoration with Headlight Protection Film

All new vehicles are now equipped with aerodynamic 'composite' headlights. Most of these are polycarbonate and a lot more resistant to outright breakage than their glass counterparts from days gone by. It is still possible to put a hole in one, but it is more difficult. They do have a weakness though. Along with the glass headlights of days gone by, modern polycarbonate headlights are very susceptible to micro pitting from sand and other debris that litters our roadways.

This pitting (as shown below) can seriously reduce light output. There are a few options available. Your first option is to live with it until you trade your vehicle for a new one. You could also do a complete headlight assembly replacement(s); expensive to say the least. A better option is to apply a protective layer of Headlight Armor Headlight Protection Film - Available in Clear and various colors - as the first option for headlight restoration. The material will help to protect your lights from further damage while the adhesive we use (which is thicker than the total thickness of typical cheap vinyl overlays) will help fill in the existing pitting damage. The end result is a clearer headlight, without the expense of total replacement of the light.

NEW: Headlight Restoration with Headlight Protection Film Video:

Does your car's headlights suffer from pitting or does it have some minor scratches in the lens?

Headlight Armor Headlight Protection film can help restore new life to your headlights. This demonstration was done on a car with 100k+ miles of I should have had some clear headlight protection installed from day one...

First we start by thoroughly cleaning your headlights with soap and water. Rinse thoroughly with water to remove all residue.

Typical Unprotected Headlight With Sand Pitting Damage

Next apply your Headlight Armor Lighting Protection kit following the included instructions and our DIY Install Tutorial page HERE

For demonstration purposes we are applying a circle of Headlight Armor Clear Headlight Protection material in the center of the light to show the difference between the starting point and how the adhesive does fill in most if not all of the pitting.

Circle of Headlight Armor Being Applied

With the circle of Headlight Armor applied you can see the clear difference between the starting point and how the adhesive fills in the pitting. The photo taken seconds after application. As the water from the application evaporates and the adhesive sets it will become a bit clearer. While the headlight in question would likely have benefited from some full on headlight restoration first (sanding, polishing and buffing), we wanted to show what the material can do on its own. How well it 'fills in' pitting and scratching on your lenses will depend on the condition of your lights.

Circle of Headlight Armor Applied

Keep in mind that the use of a Headlight Armor headlight protection kit will work as a restoration kit only if the damage is on the outside (surface) of the lens. Depending on how bad the pitting is you may need to use a full on headlight restoration kit first (sanding, polishing and buffing). If you have chemical damage to the light (from improper cleaning / maintenance) that has attacked the structure of the light your only option may be replacement headlights. If the damage is on the inside of the lens then you would need to address that as a separate issue. The use of one of our colored kits will have a similar effect as shown here with the clear as they use the same adhesive base.

If your headlights are in particularly bad shape you need to use a full on multi step headlight restoration kit (wetsand and polish) prior to applying your Headlight Armor Headlight Protection Kit