Send Us Your Best Shots

send us your best photos

We want to see pictures and or video of Headlight Armor customers sporting our lighting protection kits! Be it at a show, GTG with friends, local club meet, a sunny Sunday drive, a day at the track, some auto-x fun, or just sitting in the drive after a detail job. We want to see your install in action so to speak. Clear, HID Blue, GT Yellow, or Smoked Headlight / Fog Light Protection kits and Smoked Taillight kits, we want to see them all! - Day or Night.

How does it all work? It's quite simple actually:

  • Get yourself some Headlight Armor lighting protection if you don't already have some.
  • Go out and take one or more pictures or even a short video of your Headlight Armor in action. Photos need to be in .jpg or .jpeg format. Min size is 900 x 675 px - larger is better
  • Aside from the driver on a rolling shot, we prefer no people in the shots. Unidentifiable people in the background at a show or event are fine though.
  • Email to us at and we'll post them anonymously. Please include the name the order was placed under for verification. We will contact you when the photo(s) are loaded on the site.
  • Sit back and enjoy the satisfaction and glory of seeing your pride and joy in the spotlight!

It can take us a few days to several weeks to post your photos / video on the site, though we do try and get them up as soon as possible. All license plates will be blacked out prior to posting of photographs. We are unable to use every submission, but we do try and get as many up as possible, so send what you shot and we will do our best! By submitting your photo or video you agree that you are the original rights holder and agree to allow Headlight Armor use said works on its site and others as necessary.

Thanks in advance for the photos! And thank you again for choosing Headlight Armor!