Smoked Film Light Transmission

We tested a variety of "Smoked Headlight Kits" from vendors who claim that their covers both look really dark but allow 60%-95% light transmission. If you go to the tint shop and ask for 80% window tint most won't have anything that light to begin with. We did find a shop that had a display with 70% and you could hardly tell it was tinted at all... We asked each vendor to verify their claims before we placed our order. They said 'absolutely, tinted headlight and taillight covers are measured differently'. From a variety of films to old school hard plastic / acrylic clip-on, the results were wildly different from the marketing claims.

We tested other suppliers items with a light transmission meter.

Claimed Transmission %

  • 60%
  • 80%
  • 95%

Tested Transmission %

  • 18%
  • 28%
  • 45%

If you see a product that looks pretty dark chances are it is going to block light transmission. We have not found a way to make a chrome headlight or taillight look really dark black and yet have no effect on light output.

Headlight Armor Smoked Lighting kits are available in three levels of tinting:

  • Light Smoke 50%
  • Standard Smoke 30%
  • Stealth Smoke 20%