Customer Testimonials

"HeadlightArmor I am beyond happy with your fog light overlays! I’ve had them for 3 years with no defects with them what so ever! Thank you for a fantastic product!!" - Michael A.

"I'm very happy with the look. and after restoring the headlights from their faded state when I bought the car recently, I'm glad they'll be protected long-term. And the fog lights just look awesome with the GT Yellow. Thanks as always for a quality product." - Bradley B.

"Love your products :) Just got a new car and first mod is always Headlight Armor!" - Romel T.

"headlightarmor thank you! you guys make the best light tint on the market!" - weflyhere on Instagram

"Thanks for the prompt shipping and updates. The install of these (C6 Corvette Smoked Taillight Film) was a breeze. Your instructional video made it easy to complete the installation flawlessly and they look fantastic. Just the look I was wanting. Thanks for a quality product." - Jeff M.

"The quality of your product is exceptional and the cut of the pieces could not be more exact. It is refreshing to order something and install it and everything go well." - Lane G.

"The price was great and it looks really good on my car. Thank you." - Shawn O.

"Added some headlightarmor to my hyundai elantra and I must say, it adds a style you just can't beat. Thanks headlightarmor it's great product!" - Jerame F.

"Finish product, damn you cant even tell I put the film on! Lol. Gotta thank you guys! Your product is outstanding! Zero complaints over here!" - Angel B.

"Easy install and looks damn good. Two thumbs up." - Johnny B.

"Headlightarmor thanks for a great product!" - Kyle G.

"Thank you for the flawless ecperiance. Well cut, quality materials. 5 stars." - Corey D.

"I recommend any new car owner install Headlight Armor. 10 years, 165,000 miles with just regular washing and 1-2x year waxing. Vinyl feels a bit rough but lights are still perfectly clear and protected." - Stefan H. HA Note: Projected useful life is typically 4-7 years.

"Just finished installing mine. Happy with how they turned out." - nickalltogether on

"Hello, I ordered a set of GT Yellow foglights for my Suzuki last week and just around to install them. Was very easy to install on my car as the foglights are flat as opposed to concave. A great product, I am happy with my purchase thus far. Thanks!" - Andrew R.

"Sweet! Yeah they look great, very happy with them." - Cameron P.

"The install was smooth and the product was nice. Thanks!" - Mike B.

"I've been using your products for years on this can and recently switched to the smoked look for a car show. I Love the look!" - John D.

"I did the GT yellow headlight protectors last week on my 2009 Jetta V. Amazing look!" - Alex R.

"Can't wait for the sunset to set tonight. Not only to see a beautiful Colorado sunset, but to turn the bad boys on and see how they work. Loved how easy they were to install on my 2016 Subaru Crosstrek." - Justin P.

"Love the look of my car now. Gives it an agressize look. Lights are still visible. Very impressed product. Thank you Headlight Armor!" - Andrew G.

"Thanks stuff looks great. Great product." - Troy C.

"Just now installed. Love it!" - Michael B.

"Thank you for a great product." - Simon C.

"Thank you I will deff recommend your site to people" - Andrew L.

"Just finished my fogs. Looks great and was a very easy install. thanks!" - Connor B.

"Great product and I love the color with the blue of the car!" - Dan C.

"I finally got these installed about a month ago. I had some bubbles but they all went away. They are on and look good." - Earl Z.

"Just installed my yellow fog light covers and they look awesome on my IS-F! Fit is perfect and the install was very straight forward. Very happy with them and they are a great product." - Russell B.

"Thanks guys, looks good. Might be ordering more in the future!" - Dmitro K.

"You guys make a great and easy to apply product. Still definitely for other vehicles in the future. Thanks" - Derek B.

"Hello, My car is a Porsche 996 Turbo S Cabriolet, which has been modified by the German tuner Gemballa. The headlight protectors are lightweight smoked. I am very satisfied with the result (same intensity headlights) and very successful aesthetic!" - Claude F.

"Thanks for a great product! Love the way it looks!!" - Mike H.

"Thanks guys, I am really happy with how these turned out! Pictures don't do it justice, they really make the front end pop now!" - Nate W.

"I received my item yesterday and was immediately installed. Very easy and simple. Thanks. " - Edgar H.

"This was the easiest headlight film I have ever installed and it is the thickest for protection. Love it so far." - Dale P.

"Heres my new yellow foglights! Looks great, easy to put on and cheap!" - Parker M.

"Love the product! Great Fit. Thanks guys!" - Chad Y.

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